Lift-Up A-Class Plant Booster – Enhances Stem, Trunk, Flowering, and Fruits for Banana, Papaya, and More (5)

trunk development of banana and papaya to increase the number of flowers and fruits


Organic Plant Growth Promoter.


  • Stem and Trunk Enhancement: Lift-Up is meticulously crafted to support robust stem and trunk development, providing your plants with the structural strength needed for optimal growth.
  • Tailored for Banana and Papaya: Specifically designed for crops like banana and papaya, Lift-Up addresses the unique needs of these plants, ensuring they receive targeted and effective support.
  • Flowering Induction: Witness a remarkable increase in flowering as Lift-Up stimulates the natural processes that lead to abundant and vibrant blooms. Ideal for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and reproductive capacity of your plants.
  • Fruit Set Significantly: Experience a higher yield as Lift-Up facilitates enhanced fruit setting. Maximize the potential of your crop by ensuring a greater number of healthy, well-formed fruits.
  • A-Class Quality: Lift-Up is your assurance of top-tier quality. With carefully selected ingredients, it stands as a premium plant booster, delivering consistent and reliable results.

Apply: Liftup spray for foliar application 5 to 6 ml per I ltr water at 10 days interval in crops like cotton, chili, brinjal, tomato, and other vegetable crops also beneficial in horticulture crop like mango, papaya.

Liftup DF: can be applied through drip irrigation 5 to 10 I ltr per acre in crops like banana, papaya, pomegranate, and vegetable crops.

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