IonEx – G

for better nutritional uptake


Packaging – 4kg

IonEx – G is a Bio stimulated organic matter. Which helps plants to make available and biologically absorb positive (+) ions of soil like potassium, calcium, zinc, ferrous, etc. without any side effects.

by making soluble positive (+) ions nutrients for the soil, increases soil productivity and fertility, and prevents the formation of unwanted compounds in the soil.

Even in saline soils can be made more efficient for crops by using IonEx – G

Even in saline soils, nutrients can be made available in plants. by mixing of IonEx- G in the recommended dose of fertilizer


IonEx – G, increase the efficiency of fertilizer by absorbing soil positive (+) ions nutrients

IonEx – G, In the root zone of the soil, nourishing micro-organisms, improves the biological structure of the soil and delivered required nutrients to plants from the soil as these nutrients plants can not absorb directly.

It prevents forming of unnecessary compounds in the saline soils and increases the efficiency of fertilizer and makes it available for the plant to absorb nutrients.

IonEx – G, increases the moisture storage capacity of the soil

by improving the biological structure of the soil, it Increases soil fertility and productivity.

Keeps the plant green and healthy for a long time

Very fast reaches fertilizer to the plants by using IonEx – G,


Very good results can be obtained in sugarcane crops. for 1 bhiga land, mixing 1 bag (4 kg) of Ionex-G with the recommended chemical fertilizer gives the best results.

at the time of raising the Pariya in the Sugarcane crop. (about 100 to 120 days) – by applying a mixture of recommended fertilizer and Ionex-G,  very fast reaches fertilizer to the crops.

Even in sugarcane lam crop, very good results can be obtained by using  IonEx – G with the recommended chemical fertilizer.

for banana, papaya, and vegetable crops, very good and long-lasting results can be obtained. by mixing 1 bag (4 kg) IonEx – G with the recommended chemical fertilizer.


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